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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cow Clean-Up

If i can make one suggestion: don't raise cattle. You put a lot of time and effort into raising them and a whole lotta cash as well, what do you get out of it though? Knowing that somehow this helps you become a better person, yeah right. If this helps to better myself than surely proclaiming myself the king of midgets would make it so. But it doesn't, all I'm left with is a couple a blisters on my hands, dirty shoes, and knowing that I just forked 300 lbs. of cow manure. In the end it is hard to make a profit too because I spend $250 on a half ton of feed every month and a half and my calf is only going to fetch about $1200 at auction. Don't get me wrong though, I love cows, they are the same as huge dogs. Something funny about my calf is that if you go out into the pasture and he sees you, he will get super mad and jump all around in his pin. Raising cattle is fun but it is hard work if you want to raise cattle I suggest putting on an open range so that you don't have to do clean-up. On a side note I saw a crane in my papa's creek.

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Dream Eater

If I'm going to start blogging, then I'm going to start by telling all of you (my readers, although none currently exist) about this recurring dream of mine. The reason I bring up this dream is because I used to have dream all of the time when I was much younger and it used to keep from going to sleep. So in order to sleep I would keep myself awake until I just fell asleep and didn't put any effort into sleeping this was a very tedious task and most nights I didn't fall asleep until one or two o'clock in the morning. I was eventually able to push this dream to the back of my head until I forgot about it, or at least I thought I did. I just so happened to have that very dream just last night, I woke up immediately after it ended and felt like I was about to be murdered. Anyway my dream goes like this:

I start out walking towards the back part of house where my family is gathered around my shed and watching this movie. I express my dismay for this movie but sit down to watch it anyway. At which point in the dream I become a viewer and not a participant. The movie is near its end and Nicolas Cage is a cop who has been tracking this pair of serial killers. They resemble John Travolta and Steve Buscemi although they are not recognizable (the only actor that is clearly noticeable is Nicolas Cage), for instance of this blog I will refer to them as being Travolta and Buscemi, however. John is the muscle of the pair and Steve is the brains, John kills the victims and Steve, who has a gruesome doctor-like appearance, dissects the body for his "research." Cage has found the pair's hideout and Travolta immediately sees him and turns around, he is not showing any signs of hatred towards Cage. Travolta has his gun lowered to his side while Cage has his gun pointed at Travolta's chest. You hear cage as a voiceover saying I don't know what possessed him to shoot, at which point Travolta fires two rounds into his chest and it goes into Cage having flashbacks about Travolta's life. It cuts to a scene showing Travolta at a very young age (around age four) with a gun on the floor and a pool of pool spilling out from an unknown source, the scene end with Cage saying, "from a very young age we knew he was different." The flashback rolls into the next scene where it shows Cage as a teenager being bullied by a large boy. At which point the bell for class rings and the bully runs starts to run off. Travolta comes into the scene with Buscemi behind him (both teenagers as well) and confronts the bully. Cage sees them coming and takes off to his class. Travolta asks the bully if he was harassing his younger brother (at which point it is revealed that Travolta and Cage are brothers) . The bully starts to push Travolta around asking if he was going to doing anything about it, at which point Travolta pulls out a switchblade and stabs the boy repeatedly, the scene then shows Travolta and Buscemi carrying the boy's body off to the woods. The scene ends and cuts back to Cage slowly falling to the floor after being shot. While he is falling he fires three rounds into Travolta, while all of this happens Buscemi escapes. The cops following Cage are then shown going into the room and finding a hooker who was still alive. The hookers tells the cops that there were four others and Buscemi had taken off with them. The scene cuts to Buscemi pushing three dead hookers, onto the side of the road, out of his car. With a fourth and heavily drugged hooker still in his car. They then show Cage and Travolta in the hospital, in the same room, because they were brothers; about a month's time had gone by. Cage was awake and watching the news while Travolta was in a coma, or whatever that would be considered. The news was about a series of murders where the victims were all found in the same manner inside of a room that looked considerably like a morgue. It cuts to a coroner examining the bodies and shows him on the news calling the killer a sick bastard. At which point it cuts to a scene showing the coroner with his eyeballs removed and replaced with a different pair. It was assumed that these murders were the work of Buscemi. The movie then cut to a scene where Buscemi was in the hospital where Cage and Travolta were and he was trying to go into the room but the doctor, who did not recognize him, would not allow him entry. Buscemi then slips some sort of shot out of his pocket and injects into the doctor. The doctor immediately becomes mesmerized, Buscemi then picks a small and sharp knife and cuts off one of the doctor's fingers. The doctor then starts to cut off his own fingers and Buscemi slips into the room. It then show Buscemi sitting between Travolta and Cage and talking to Cage about how Travolta held him back from achieving true success in his work. At which points it shows Travolta waking up and having a gun out of nowhere, he turns and whispers "Sicko" into Buscemi's ear and then fires off his entire clip and kills Buscemi. At which point my dream ends.
Anyway I didn't really grasp the horror of this dream and how much it terrifies me and makes me feel like I'm about to be murdered. All in the same it feels good to put it out there though..

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Three Tips to Success:
1. Money is Power
2. Power is Fame
3. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, lie like hell to get out of it

Joke of the week: NASCAR is so redneck it is the only sport that allows you to park your RV in the middle of the field.